Frequently Asked Questions


1. What can I cook?

You can cook whatever you want as long as it’s not illegal and poisonous or hazardous that may harm those around you either by toxic fumes or other means. No Pork or Alcohol will be allowed on the premises.

2. What size are the kitchen units?

Each kitchen unit is 20 m² and includes one assigned storage room.

3. What equipment is in each kitchen?  

Each kitchen unit includes one assigned storage room. The kitchen unit is fitted with the following standardised equipment:

  • Refrigeration (Underbar coolers)
  • Freezing (Deep Freezers in kitchen and storage)
  • Gas burner
  • Flat top grill
  • Sinks (Prep and wash)
  • Stainless steel work tables, including a central island
  • Storage space (Shelving)

A full inspection of all equipment is conducted before taking the occupation of a unit. Your kitchen and storage unit is lockable and managed by yourself.

4. Can I bring my own cooking equipment?

You may bring in your own cooking equipment.  A compliance check is required on each item to ensure it complies with the facility’s electrical, gas, plumbing and safety requirements.

5. What other equipment do you offer that isn’t standard in the kitchen?

Other equipment that is on offer includes a clay pizza oven, baking oven and deep fryer. Each restauranter has the opportunity to select one of these items for their kitchen unit.

6. Should the equipment be faulty or damaged, who is responsible for the repairs?

The use of the equipment is the responsibility of the restaurants, while Stealth Kitchen is responsible for the repairs. If any equipment is broken or damaged, the restaurant is responsible for paying for the equipment to be repaired/replaced. This does not apply to any manufacturing faults, in which case defects must be brought to the attention of Stealth Kitchen to rectify.

7. What health and safety certifications do the kitchens have?

Stealth Kitchen is designed and constructed using premium materials. All kitchen units are fitted with easily cleanable equipment and come we the highest firing rating. A First Aid Kit is available on the premises. Stealth Kitchen has obtained the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and other licensing requirements required to operate.

8. Who is responsible for utility costs?

All utility costs are for the restaurant operator’s account and managed by individual meters for electricity, gas, and water. Utilities are billed monthly in arrears based on consumption.

9. How does the refuse removal process work?

Refuse is managed centrally but is the responsibility of each kitchen unit to ensure refuse is adequately disposed of in the central refuse areas.

10. Is the premises secure?

The facility has security permanently on-site and has an alarm system linked to a 24/7 armed response. Furthermore, there is CCTV and access control for your protection.

11. What hours can my staff operate?

We offer 24-hour access to the kitchens.

12. Can I use the shared office space and other communal facilities?

Yes. You and your staff may use the office space and communal facilities, including staff room, ablutions and parking areas.


1. How far from the kitchen can I deliver?

Each delivery provider offers a different delivery distance. If you use your own delivery drivers, you can choose your delivery radius. Uber Eats offers a +/- 4km radius (8km diameter) from the kitchen, whilst Mr D Food provides a 5km radius (10km diameter).

2. Who manages the collection of meals?

A Hostess appointed by Stealth Kitch will co-ordinate and facilitate the handover of the meals to Uber and Mr D Food drivers.

3. Does Stealth Kitchen cater to any dine-in or seating space options?

All orders are for delivery or collection. There are no dine-in/seating facilities available in the kitchen; however, customers can order and collect their food.

4. Can customers collect their food orders, or must orders be delivered using drivers?

Customers can collect their orders from the designated collection point, co-ordinated by our Hostess at the kitchen.

5. Can I use my own delivery drivers?

You may use your own drivers over and above delivery aggregators such as Uber Eats and Mr D Food. The option to use your drivers will need to be discussed with Stealth Kitchen before bringing them on.